Crush Photo Studios | Orange County | What To Bring
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What To Bring

3 to 6 outfit changes: a mix of lingerie, special items (like a favorite shirt of his or jersey) and any other options you might like.

Accessories – jewelry and other items like stockings, hat, scarf, veil etc.

Sexy shoes!

Props that may pertain to a theme you are going with, Crush also has the Fantasy Closet full of props should you not have any.

Throwing garments into a bag will cause wrinkles we suggest you bring your items on hangers or appropriate garment bags to ensure your photos come out flawless.

Remember more is better however if you do run out of outfits “no worries” they have you covered with a selection of items located in their Crush Lingerie retail section.

Get Your Photo Shoot Scheduled

Be prepared to leave Crush a new woman! Many come to Crush so that they can give a gift to someone else.

They leave feeling like they gave themselves a gift!