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I bought the trade package on Groupon. Glad I did!! I had a great experience with the one and only Salina, the hair and make-up artist. She transformed me into a real life goddess!! The photo session with Kimberli, photographer and owner of the studio, was fabulous!! Kimberli worked me hard in many settings and variety of outfits! It was fun!! The follow-up appointment to view the pictures with Patricia’s help was the icing on the cake!! Patricia is a photographer and studio director. She was very friendly and helped me a lot picking the best images and package! Nayrobi, the receptionist, made me feel very welcome on my both visits! All ladies are very friendly and easy to work with!! I was pampered with smiles, warmth, a delicious mimosa, and fresh ice water! The photo shoot was outside at sunset and inside in a beautiful setting!! There are beautiful areas to shoot pictures in the specious studio. It seemed that every corner was so creatively furnished and so inspiring to have fun and be beautiful! I changed wardrobe multiple times, wore all of my five pairs of shoes, etc. Slipping in different outfits was super easy and super fun!! I loved the whole experience!! I felt special and beautiful the whole time!! And the pictures reflected that! I am very pleased with the shots!! Can’t wait for the finished product!!

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I got the “Happily Ever After” package on groupon. So happy that I got the courage to actually do it. I was greeted with smiles and a glass of champagne. The photographer Kimberli was amazing and laid-back. She walked me through the process. The make-up artist Noelle ( I hope I’m spelling your name right) did exactly what I wanted. Simple make-up and curled my hair perfectly. The studio has beautiful set ups and furniture arrangements. I did 5 outfit changes and Kimberli knew how to work my angles with the outfits. She made it easy to relax and enjoy the photo shoot. Coming back for my follow-up appointment was just as nice. Patricia was just as friendly as everyone else I encountered at Crush Photos. I was referred by a friend to Crush and she warned me that I’ll be happy with all my photos. She wasn’t kidding! It was hard to narrow them down. I’m excited to give this surprise gift to my fiance on our wedding day. The women that work at Crush are top notch and very professional. They are sweet and I would recommend them 100%!! Thank you ladies for the wonderful experience!!!

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I am so excited with my experience at Crush Photo Studios… starting from the makeup session, to a very personal experience with Patricia, my assigned photographer. I was made to feel beautiful, comfortable, and “all about me session”. I was very pleased with the results, and would totally recommend this studio to all my friends. Thank you Crush Photo Studio for this wonderful , one of a kind experience!

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I was excited for the end product but dreading the photo shoot but the ladies at Crush made it SO FUN! From the moment I got there, the hair and makeup and champagne, to picking out lingerie, to the entire shoot itself…so much fun! The shoot lasted 2 hours and I think we did 6 different outfits and I felt like a model. The sets they have upstairs are great, it’s like your fantasy bedroom/bedrooms! I didn’t feel insecure at all and the 2 hours flew by. I have always wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot and when I saw the groupon I decided to do it for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and I would highly recommend Crush if you are wanting to do the same. An awesome present for your special someone but also for yourself, I will have these pictures forever and look at them always. Thanks Crush!!!

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MORE than 5 stars in my book…my 1st time taking budoir pictures…from the start the LADIES were awesome!!!!i took them for a wedding gift for my fiance..let me tell you…the ladies at the studio are just amazing…i was soooo nervous but they made me feel so comfortable….noel did my make up which i was completely satisfied with and she was just awesome TO talk to…and patricia who took my pictures was soooo amazing…like i said i was extremely nervousand she put me at ease and was very patient with my nervousness…patricia just IS the sweetest ever…she tells you upfront about everything with no surprises or curveballs…these ladies have a knack of making you feel comfortable & are genuine…i had an amazing time & most definitely will be back to do business with them!!!

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For all you ladies that want to take sexy picture for your partner, this is the place. I was that person that was extremely shy and embarrassed but after working with Patricia she made me feel so confident and comfortable. She is amazing! Noel did an awesome job on my makeup. Thank you girls!

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Every women needs to do this. Its great for that special someone but its also an amazing experience and gift for yourself. I have a toddler at home and so it was so much fun to dress up and feel ultra sexy for a day! The ladies at Crush are so sweet and the studio is absolutely beautiful. I felt pampered and spoiled the whole time. Kimberli, my photographer was the best. She is so talented, I fell in love with every photo! She kept switching the scene/ angles which made for so many amazing shots. Overall it was such a glamorous, fun, exciting day and I cant wait to book another shoot!

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First ever Boudoir photo shoot and boy was I nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I did searches and came across Crush and Moxie Photography and made a very nervous call but was greeted with a very warm call and the girls were very accommodating with my very limited schedule. This was to be a new/next chapter of my life since my Birthday and after many years of hard dedication of getting in shape, I am finally at a point in my life where I am the most confident and happy. Crush and Moxie really helped me highlight myself in amazing confident and gorgeous photos. This was also to be a gift to my boyfriend of 4 years, which the photographer, Patricia, was amazing, she was encouraging, gave good tips and directions for an amazing shoot. My makeup was done by the every lovely Noel! Ladies! I highly recommended Crush and Moxie for a very friendly environment for such a intimate part of most women’s lives and the end result is confidence and empowerment over yourself!

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Wow! What a great experience I had at Crush! I was welcomed with warm smiles and a glass of champagne to ease me into this first time of a photo shoot. Noel did my hair and makeup – made me feel so pretty! Then Patricia did my photos – she was so encouraging and kind. There were lots of different backgrounds and the lighting at the studio is awesome. My pics tuned out beautifully! Thanks CRUSH for a wonderful experience. I highly recommend to every lady out there!

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As my first time doing anything like this, I second guessed myself, but I wished so bad to do it. I told myself let me just stop wishing and DO IT!!! OMG I am SO glad I DID!! I found a great package on Groupon. The Seductress Package which included professional hair and make-up artist, 1 piece of Lingerie and Mimosas, Cant beat that!! Immediately walking into the studio there was this glam vibe. I was greeted by the receptionist that helped my with my things. Make-up artist Noel was amazing and so nice to talk to!! She made me look and feel so beautiful!! Kimberli was my photographer and she was also amazing. From the start she made me feel so comfortable. There are so many options/scenes/backdrops that she worked with. she was so patient too as I had many wardrobe changes. I am in LOVE with the outcome and keepsakes that my husband and I will have forever! I cant thank Crush Studio enough for the experience. I HIGHLY recommend that every women do this! You will feel beyond confident, super sexy, sophisticated and empowered! Beyond 5 stars in my book. Wish I can repeat that day!