Crush Photo Studios | Orange County | About Us
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About Us


Owner and Photographer

The Studio nurturer that keeps us fed, inspired and motivated.  She is creative and has a way of capturing the “true you”.

Dirty little secret: If gangster rap is playing in the Studio, Kimberli picked it and knows every word from beginning to end.


Studio Director and Photographer

Probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet!  Multi talented and a one woman show.

Dirty little secret: She eats pickles nonstop and has been caught multiple times drinking the pickle juice out of the jar with a straw!


Celebrity Makeup Artist and founder of Hey Sailor Cosmetics

Be prepared to hear her diva voice sing while she is expertly applying your false eyelashes.

Dirty little secret: Once in awhile you may catch her binging on Del Taco in her car.

Salina: (Pic coming soon)
Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

We never know what color hair this lovely artist will show up with!  Whatever color it is….she will rock it well!

Dirty little secret: She never has room on her phone because it’s filled with Selfies!

Nayroby: (Pic coming soon)
Studio Assistant

She makes a mean Crush-tini and keeps us all organized and running smoothly.

Dirty little secret: She has the metabolism we all wish we had.  How does she stay thin and healthy when all she eats is fast food, cereal, pizza rolls and chips?


Studio Supermodel making frequent guest appearances

Dirty little secret: Don’t let her cute face fool you, she has a weird obsession with cat poop. AVOID ZOE KISSES! You have been warned.